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About AGA

Established in the Vancouver market since 1985, Aliki Gladwin & Associates Inc. has worked with a variety of clients worldwide to design dynamic, timeless spaces. Attention to detail, unique custom designs and superior service qualify Aliki Gladwin's personal, innovative and pragmatic approach to every environment. AGA's breadth of design includes feature projects throughout Canada and the US as well as in China.

Your surroundings reflect who you are, as a company and as an individual, so it is crucial that the designed environment is an honest depiction. Creating this image is at the heart of our design philosophy, it is our ultimate goal and what we design by.

Dedication and Details

We devote all we have into each project we touch and find joys in perfecting the fine details.

Professional Service

We are a seasoned team of Professional Interior Designers, with 30+ years of experience.

Care and Connection

Providing the best service, with integrity and care is our goal for each of our clients and projects.

Introducing Our New Brand Identity

Since 1985, Aliki Gladwin and Associates have maintained a strong presence in the interior design industry, in Vancouver, Canada and around the world. During these years, our small team of dedicated and talented designers have consistently created innovative and dynamic spaces for some of the best clients anyone could ask for. We continue to proudly embrace all we do and passionately apply our combination of high attention to detail, custom designs and superior service to meet your expectations. 2015 marked our 30th year of business. In order to celebrate this milestone and symbolize our steps into a new chapter, we are excited to announce a new brand identity, starting with our logo. The new logo is a modern identity, designed and refined to represent AGA, our people and our intense passion for design, our clients and relationships.

The meaning

The new brand identity is based on our core components; our essence. Approach that is hands-on, dedicated, focused and diverse. Design that is modern, personal, high-quality, detailed and professional. Service that is about integrity, relationships, friendliness, and true care. The wordmark portion of the logo is set in the semi-serif font "Banda" - a typeface featuring a tall x-height and small, rounded serifs. It's these unusual details that communicate a friendly persona, while maintaining a look of clean professionalism and high readability. The icon component is made up of 5 small circles, organized neatly in two rows. The circle was inspired by the way Aliki dots her "i"s in her signature. The significance of "five" is a tribute to the main principles of design that we use as our foundation for every design task we undertake. Color, Shape, Texture, Space and Form. Together, these combined elements have a duality to them. They show our consistent and "organized" side; illustrating the highly skilled, professional talents and unified strengths of our team, while at the same time, displaying the casual, playful and friendly side of AGA.

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